Template Library

Template Library

Want to create excellent designs for your program without waiting 5-7 business days for the Support Center to make you something? Set up a free Canva account at canva.com (using your LifeWise email). Then, click any link below to open a Canva template that you can customize and send to your local printer.

To export and print the final file:
  1. Click "Share" in the top right
  2. Click "Download"
  3. Under "File type," select "PDF Print"
  4. Select "Crop Mark and Bleeds"
  5. Click "Download." This will be the file you send to your local printer.
  1. Program Banner (3x5)
  2. Enrollment Banner (3x5)
  1. End of Year (4x6)
  2. Released Time (4x6)
  3. Open House (5x7)
  4. Open House (4x6)
Yard Signs
  1. Now Enrolling (18x24)
  2. Coming Soon (18x24)
  1. End of Year Party (8.5x11)
  2. Pancake Breakfast (8.5x11)
  3. Cookie Walk (8.5x11)
  4. General Event (4.25x5.5)
  5. General Event (11x17)
  6. General Event (8.5x11)
Social Media
  1. Bible Verse
    1. Facebook | Instagram
  2. Volunteer Highlight
    1. Facebook | Instagram
  3. Teacher Spotlight
    1. Facebook | Instagram
  1. 8.5x11
  2. 18x24
  3. 11x17
Other Templates
  1. Community Halfsheet Template
  2. Letterhead Template
  3. Program Video Template

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